Bone Sweet Bone

Our Story

BSB was founded in 2007 on the fundamental principle of providing a safe, friendly, “home away from home” atmosphere for the dogs of discerning owners seeking a convenient alternative to leaving their best friend home alone while at work, on vacation, or otherwise time constrained. BSB offers a solution that delivers peace of mind to busy dog owners.

It is our mission to provide a relaxing, clean, safe, and stress-free experience for every dog that sets paw through our door. Since the beginning, owner Santiago Ramirez has maintained the belief that playtime should be maximized and kennel time minimized; ceaseless play and affection are necessary ingredients for a well-balanced pet. This core value differentiates BSB from many existing pet service companies.

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We Are Family

Each time they visit BSB, our clients and their dogs count on seeing the familiar and friendly faces of our dedicated team of knowledgeable employees, most of who have been with us for several years. Customers appreciate the “neighborhood” feel of our family-owned and -operated business, and have come to expect the personalized customer service that the BSB staff consistently delivers. They see the heart and soul that goes into Bone Sweet Bone and know that at the end of the day, the quality of care for their dogs is, and always will be, our first and foremost priority. Those qualities, along with modest pricing, and a commitment to maintaining a high standard of care for the dogs, have helped us build a very loyal clientele.

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Behind the Scenes

Having worked in pet stores, veterinary hospitals and emergency clinics, animal shelters, and briefly as a pet product sales rep over the course of his career, owner Santiago Ramirez has an inside-out understanding of the pet care industry. He opened Bone Sweet Bone because he believed that he could translate his unique breadth of experience, understanding of animals, and multi-perspective view of the pet-care industry into a business that catered to pet owners who are as passionate about their dogs as he is about his.



We believe open and honest communication with our customers is key. We are always receptive to new ideas and suggestions that can help us continue to adapt and evolve in order to best serve the needs of our human and canine clients. We look forward to hearing your thoughts!