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The Late Nights

Working Late? Hot Date? Traffic Jam?

Whatever the reason is for running late, just call us - BSB has your back!

With BSB Late Nights service, you no longer have to use the “I have to pick my dog up from daycare” excuse to leave…unless you want to, of course! We offer after-hours pickup service on weekdays from 8 pm to 10 pm by appointment.

Here’s how it works.

Late Pickup Notice Required.

We must be notified by no later than 7:45 pm on the day of pickup in order to ensure our front desk staff will be available to meet you after regular hours.

After 8 pm.

The phone will not be answered and the store will be locked and closed to the public for all services except pre-arranged BSB Late Nights pickups. No exceptions will be made. Late pickup clients can notify staff of arrival by ringing the doorbell at the front door.

At 10 pm.

The door will no longer be opened for anyone and BSB staff will leave for the day. Dogs not picked up before 10 pm will stay overnight and an Extended Stay charge will be applied to the bill.

Fee: $15