Bone Sweet Bone

Salon + Spa

Rub-a-dub-dub, get that dog in the tub!

Ah, the dreaded bath — some dogs detest it, few dogs love it. Nevertheless, after a busy week of digging holes in your yard, rolling in dirt, sniffing tail ends, and wrestling at BSB Stay + Play Care, your stinky four-legged friend has to have one!

Our caring grooming staff offer years of experience and possess extensive knowledge of the unique grooming needs of all breeds, the difference between specific types of cuts, and how to treat certain skin conditions. Before getting started, we’ll discuss your pet’s grooming needs. Let us know if you’re looking for a breed-standard-cut, and easy puppy cut, hand-scissoring, or something completely different; we’re happy to accommodate. We can also do personalized cuts and coloring.

Our groomers may also advise against certain treatments that could pose a health risk to your pet or do irreparable damage to their coat. For example, some breeds should not get “summer cuts” (where the coat is shorn down very close to the skin) because they may have particularly sensitive skin, or their type of fur will never grow back with the same texture.

As with everything we do, the comfort of the dogs in our care is our primary concern. Our skillful groomers know how to reduce the stress that pets may naturally feel when being groomed and will do their best to provide a pleasant experience for your dapper dog.

Standard grooming and bathing service includes:

• bath and brush out
• blowout
• nail trim
• anal gland expression
• ear cleaning
• sanitary trim (upon request)

Choose from our luxurious spa packages or customize a selection of amenities from our a la carte services, including a decadent pawdicure with a paw soak, massage, nail trim, and buff or polish. We also offer rejuvenating massages, vitamin baths, facial scrubs, aromatherapy treatments, and anesthesia-free teeth cleaning.

We use premium, all-natural shampoos and conditioners formulated for a variety of skin and coat care needs. Our lightweight gentle cleansers nourish your dog’s fur, soothe their skin, and leave their coat looking shiny, healthy, and smelling fresh as a daisy. Specialty products designed to naturally medicate and deliver therapeutic relief for seasonal skin irritations, including soothing oatmeal, flea and tick, and hypoallergenic shampoos, are also available.

Dental Hygiene
Routine brushing helps …bad breath, mouth sensitivity, bleeding gums, loose teeth, plaque.

Teeth Brushing

Anesthesia Free Dental Cleaning

Scaling and polishing…no extractions, pockets, gingivitis.

bio grooming